History & Vision

The CPH Foundation was officially organized by the Campaign for Public Health in February 2009. As 2008 came to a close, the Campaign’s leadership determined that a separate 501(c)(3) organization able to commit all of its resources towards educational endeavors on behalf of public health programs was needed. As a separate sister organization, the CPH Foundation will help fill the critical need for far more non-partisan and broad-based educational outreach regarding the important discipline of public health. We will also strive to undertake research projects to highlight the costs and benefits of our public health system.

Too often public health does not receive the recognition it deserves. The very term “public health” often is misunderstood to mean ‘government-run health care programs.’ It is surprising, then, how often research and science-based public health efforts positively impact our lives. Just a few examples include: efforts by local governments to reduce disease-spreading mosquito populations; government-supported vaccination efforts that disrupt the spread of disease; seatbelt or infant car seat education that reduces deaths and injuries; workplace wellness programs; and chronic disease prevention efforts led by state health departments. The full list of activities undertaken by public health professionals on behalf of our wellbeing is far more exhaustive. What can be said is that these public health interventions have far reaching positive implications for the health of those in the communities they serve.

Cost-saving prevention programs keep all of us healthier, more productive and safer every day, yet funding for these efforts is exceptionally limited. The entire budget of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, is under half of one percent of all federal government spending on health. The CPH Foundation is committed to researching ways these limited funds can be best utilized while working to educate Americans about the value of our nation’s public health infrastructure.