Welcome to the 5th Annual

Unsung Heroes of Public Health Awards


Friends in Public Health:

For a fifth consecutive year, The CPH Foundation is reaching out to those working in public health to find, highlight, and applaud the best and brightest in the disease control and prevention arena.

Too often, public health is relegated to the back bench. While lifesaving work, science, and research is put into action 24-7 by our nation's public health leaders, most Americans don't realize the all the important work done by everyday Americans to keep us safe from disease, injury, infection, and more. These awards are meant to highlight this work and to bring their service to light here in Washington, DC.

In each of the past 4 years, the CPH Foundation has flown our winners to the Nation's Capitol to commended and applauded their efforts at a congressional reception. We introduced our winners to legislators and policy leaders during a day of meetings so their work can be better understood. We cannot wait to do it again on December 11, 2014!

The stories our Unsung Heroes tell serve as examples of the type of work being done every day at the local, state, and international level by public health leaders across the nation.

Nomination forms are now due into our office no later than Tuesday, November 11, 2014. This is a new deadline, so ignore the November 3rd date on our PDF forms.

Our two public health award nomination forms can be found here (one form covers both awards), while our media nomination form can be found at this link. More information on all three awards can be found below.

This year we also added ON LINE forms. If you wish to use this "Google form" instead, please follow this link for our public health nomination forms or click here to complete a media nomination.

The reception in Washington will take place in the Gold Room on Capitol Hill on December 11 beginning at 4:30 pm. More details will follow in our November newsletter.

Please let us take a moment to thank AbbVie, our 2014 Unsung Heroes of Public Health Awards sponsor - and the the Heroes Award sponsor for the second year in a row. AbbVie's support continues to make our recognition of these tremendous public health heroes possible.


More About Our Three Awards:

The CPH Foundation's Rock in the Pond Award recognizes an individual for outstanding work on a community-based or state-wide public health effort that produced significant positive health outcomes. Those nominating a colleague for this award should be sure to highlight the positive outcomes the program or idea produced.

Our Wavemaker Award also recognizes a visionary whose work on a large-scale multi-state, regional, national or international public health program has successfully impacted a major public health challenge. Here too, CPHF is eager to hear of the outcomes that resulted from the program.

And finally, our Excellence in Media Award recognizes an individual who produced a widely-viewed media story (or stories) focused on a critical disease control and prevention issue. The awardees’ work should cover a significant public health topic and convey the issue to a broad audience in an easily understood manner. Eligible types of media include, but are not limited to: newspaper stories, television news reports, radio reports, widely followed blog postings, and documentaries. Past winners of this award include writers from the LA Times and USA Today, as well as a journalist working locally on a web-based newspaper to educate community leaders about a local epidemic. 

Feel free to call our office with any questions!

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