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We regularly track and publish non partisan analyses of government spending on public health initiatives.

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Our  2009 Survey

In 2009, we sent out a survey in search of examples of public health.  Click below to visit our final overall report.

"The Wyeth Survey Project: An Ongoing Effort to Collect Public Health Success Stories"


While our public health success stories are listed under the "Public Health Is..." topic areas, below please find a complete list of the most exemplary stories received from across the country.

National Programs

National Truth Campaign

National Nurse Family Partnership

National Corporate Weight Loss Program


State & Regional Programs

California Improving Quality of Asthma Care

Florida Public Health and Medical Emergency Preparedness

Guam Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Program

Central MA Oral Health Initiative

Michigan Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation

Michigan Tobacco Quitline

Rhode Island Adult Immunization Program

Virginia Certified Children's Vision Screenings

Washington, DC Diabetes Self Management Education

Wisconsin Collaborative Diabetes Quality Improvement Project


Local Programs

Jeff Count, AL Smoke Free Rest

Anchorage, AK Dental Workforce Training

Humboldt County, CA Health Impact Assessment

Madera, CA Baby Photo Book Immunization Incentive Program

New Britian, CT Public Health Nurses Dental Training Program

Denver, CO Integrated Family Planning Services

Iverness, FL Car Seat Safety

Boston, MA Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative

Detroit, MI Dental Services Program

Lansing, MI Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute

Minneapolis, MN Youth Violence Prevention

Minneapolis, MN Hepatitis B Prevention Program for Pregnant Women

Kansas City, MO Energy Balance RD Coaches in Schools

Raymond, MO RD Coaches in School PE Class

Clark County, NV Virtual Walking Program

Las Vegas, NV Web Based Nutrition Challenge Program

New York, NY Comprehensive Oral Health Program

Caldwell County, NC Dental Health Program

Chapel Hill, NC Childrens Fire Safety Program

Raleigh, NC Childrens Vision Screening

Philadelphia, PA Child Lead Poison

Providence, RI School Based Immunization Program

Houston, TX STD Strike Team Intervention

Richmond, VA Certified Childrens' Vision Screenings

Charleston, WV Comprehensive Tobacco Prevention

Charleston, WV Youth Tobacco Prevention

Price County, WI Non-Traditional Rural Dental Home


Key Partner Reports and Studies

To view a comprehensive view of the nation's health by state and measure, visit United Health Foundation's America's Health Rankings.

Click here to view ASTHO's budget cuts research brief from May 2011.


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